Autism Wandering

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Have you seen the new Autism Wandering PSA yet? Watch and share to raise awareness!

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action meets compassion

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Talking about Empathy

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In my Masters Program, Im taking a class called Democracy in Education, we had a great discussion in my last class about the democracy within the education system, how history is being taught to the younger generation. One of my classmates made a really good point about how we as humans need to be more empathic towards each other. And this got me thinking, as “humans” we have something really special within us, we have the ability to forgive, which I feel is the greatest thing one can do. I believe that no gets any bigger by forgiving and no one gets any smaller by forgiving. I feel that if as a human race start being a little more empathic towards each other we can make this whole world such a better place. If we are able to understand how the other feels and are able to relate to them…

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The ABC’s of Breast Cancer

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Before we officially launch into full-steam-ahead advocacy, we’re excited to tell you about how we’ll be structuring the ideas, facts and stories surrounding ABC’s specific advocacy campaign and goal: the creation and implementation of an equitable and effective breast health policy for South Africa.

We will be using the 7 Days of the Weekthemes from this blog, upon which we will build a 31 Days in a Month set of issues, and then present 52 Weeks of the Year as stories as told by BC patients and survivors themselves.

And, just like our introductory ‘alphabet’ post outlining who ABC is, here are the ABC’s of the Breast Cancer Survivor:

The ABC's of Breast Cancer

The ABC’s of Breast Cancer

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November Elections, Register to Vote and other helpful information!

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The 2014 General Elections are about 40 days away.These elections are SO important. You may not be motivated to vote as these elections are not presidential. However, who you vote for in November, makes a big difference of who will be making decisions when the legislative session starts in January 2015. Make your voice count!

Are you registered to vote? The registration deadline is October 10th. If you have recently moved, check your voter registration with the NC State Board of Elections or your local County Elections Board! You will NOT need an ID to vote in the elections on November 4th, 2014!

If you won’t be in town to vote on November 4th, make sure to request an Absentee ballot as soon as possible. Find out more information on how to vote with an absentee ballot, where to request one, and where to send it in…

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Guest blog post: “That’s Not My Job” (Angry Rant) by Nick Dupree

Break the Stigma: The Most Interesting Man in the World doesn’t always …

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Even The Most Interesting Man in the World speaks to erase stigma.

Even The Most Interesting Man in the World speaks to erase mental stigma. ;)

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