H is for Healing – A to Z on Child Abuse Prevention

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I set up to write a post on the healing process for children of sexual child abuse specifically because of the added stigmas surround abuse of a sexual nature.  In doing my research I found a great website that addressed it better than I could after hours of research.

I’d like to thank the Advocacy Center for this great information on the subject of healing and encourage you to click the link and read the Advocacy Center side bar to explore more information like “Reducing Children’s Vulnerability to Sexual Abuse” and “Who Sexually Abuses Children”.

The Advocacy Center

H is for Healing

A to Z on Child Abuse Prevention

Beginning to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse

It may be very difficult for a survivor of child sexual abuse to talk about what happened to them.  Many survivors cannot or do not talk about the abuse right away, and sometimes they can’t even remember about the abuse…

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Earthday Jam: 14 Years of Sizzling Music Street Partyfor Mother Earth!

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The heat is on, your blood’s pumping, your skin’s sweaty, and you’re just too weary from the temperature. It’s summer all right. But the weather’s crazy and something tells you global warming isn’t a joke. On April 25 , 7:00pm at the 9 th avenue cor 34 th .Bonifacio Global City, is the return of one shabang, Earthday Jam 2014.

earthday Jam 2014

Still free to the public, audiences will sing along with over 100 musicians and artists who gather to perform for the only home we have in a 6-7 hour merry music making marathon.

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Advocacy vs. Ambassadorship (Hint…there’s a difference)

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Advocacy vs. Ambassadorship

Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about the role of advocacy within organisations—the extent to which people collect knowledge, form opinions and share them with their colleagues.

But when I talk about advocacy in organisations, I am met with this response, “Yes, Mike, we should start an ambassadors programme.”

A lot of people collapse the definitions of ambassadorship and advocacy.  On the one hand, they address a common need:  to generate positive word of mouth.  On the other, though, they represent profoundly different approaches.

In the larger world, the word “Ambassador” means an official representative of a formal entity, in most cases, a country. That means that ambassadorships are formal and official, and ambassadorial views to represent those of the country that employs them rather than their own opinions.

In contrast, advocacy reflects the committed expression of one’s own opinion, and the…

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I’m not going t…

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I’m not going to accept the things I can’t change;
I’m going to change the things I can’t accept.

- Stephen Ritz

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.”

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I was walking into a school the other night for a parent workshop when I happened to look up and saw this quote.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss The Lorax.

Whenever I read articles about autism awareness or autism acceptance I keep thinking about our advocacy journey regarding school, inclusion and learning. School is where the seeds of Autism awareness and Autism acceptance still needs to grow. There has to be “true acceptance of a child in order to teach them but that doesn’t mean accepting “where” they are in terms of learning. Accepting that we are all different in some way and that my son just learns in another way. It might not be the same way but that doesn’t mean to try and force him to learn in the accepted way.  if you are…

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Walking the Walk

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I’ve been out and about trying to learn more and hopefully put my walk where my talk is this week. To this end, I watched, visited and met several brilliant examples of the new recovery advocacy movement. This sea change in attitudes to addiction, sobriety and recovery seems to be sweeping rapidly across the Atlantic to us here in the UK, and to me it seems like the proverbial breath of fresh air.

First up, the watching:

The Anonymous People is a new documentary, currently available to rent or buy on Vimeo. It features interviews with some of the main movers and shakers in the new advocacy movement.  This is a campaign to get addiction moved away from the stigma of moral failing and into the light of recovery viewed as a positive change of which recovering people can be proud. One of the key messages is the importance of language…

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I is for Involved – A to Z on Child Abuse Prevention

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You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the statistics . The chances are pretty good that child abuse has touched your world if not personally then with someone you know in your family or community. We all know its wrong, and it must stop.

So what do you do? How can you get involved in the fight against child abuse?

Get Involved.  You can make a difference.

Get Involved. You can make a difference.

A is for Advocacy of this Blogging Series discussed a few of the many ways you can contribute to the fight against child abuse by speaking out and educating people. Here are some suggestions on additional ways to get involved.

The Short List to Getting Involved

Get to know your neighbors. Problems seem less overwhelming when support is nearby.
Help a family under stress. Offer to babysit, help with chores and errands, or suggest resources in the community that can help.
Reach out…

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