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The FOUR Biggest Reasons for Failure

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Any of these four will produce failure every time and there is nothing special about the order.

success12# 1) Believe the ‘marketing’ preached by every single program, political party or religion! My favorite one is you have to have first mover advantage, join early, get in at the beginning before the herd and buy into prelaunch tactics forever. The ‘hurry up and wait’ gets very old. Another one is failure is not your fault. That sounds nice but who really is in charge of your life then? As long as you live in hope, you will fail. Hope is NOT a strategy and is never a tactic to acquire or succeed at anything. If you cannot distinguish between marketing, truth and reality, you are doomed. Yes, the truth gives you a small chance to be free. If you say, ‘if it is too good to be true it likely isn’t’, then…

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Join HCA in Celebrating National Home Care and Hospice Month

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Each November, the Home Care Alliance joins agencies and organizations across the state and the country to celebrate National Home Care & Hospice Month by raising awareness of the value of home-based services and recognizing the clinicians and aides that deliver those services.

The Alliance is promoting a special Home Care & Hospice Month webpage with useful information for consumers explaining home care and how to find the right provider for a loved one or friend. The website also has info for home health and home care agencies about how to promote and celebrate the month-long event.

Especially useful for consumers is the “Home Care FAQ” page on the Alliance’s Home Care & Hospice Month website. Not only does this resource address questions like “How do I pay for Home Care?” and “How do I assess my needs?,” but also provides a list of questions for consumers to…

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The National Association for Music Education Proudly Announces the New National Core Music Standards

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New national music education standards are announced starting this year. This is on our mind as the WWSU teachers will be working together starting next week to re-vamp out K-12 music curriculum.

Read the standards and explore them here.

RESTON, VA (August 27, 2014)—The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is pleased to announce the release of the New National Core Music Standards, which will ensure students receive quality music education. These new standards replace the original standards released 20 years ago.

“Standards exist to identify the learning we want for all students, and to drive improvement in the system of education,” said Mike Blakeslee, NAfME Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer. “All of America’s students deserve a full and balanced education to equip them for the years to come. And we honestly believe that music is an essential part of that.”

Hundreds of educators contributed to writing…

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What the public thinks about lawyers?

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This post is long overdue but it’s here and well I am procrastinating! lol

In Law School, there is a course that I have to do called Trial Advocacy; where I have to overcome my shyness and be brave and well observe courtroom etiquette. My first exercise was a public speech in front of my 11 classmates and my tutor. Even though, it was only 12 people, I was still extremely shy because I am not accustomed talking in front people. The topic I chose was “What the public thinks about lawyers?” – a simple topic but yet still a challenge to me because of my timidness. Nonetheless, on the day I got over my fear and actually did my speech with few mistakes and was congratulated on a job well done. So I thought that I should share it here seeing that I rarely post.

What the public thinks about…

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Cancer is the scariest ride

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World Diabetes Day, in 140 characters

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Banting House, lit up in blue for World Diabetes Day!

It’s 11:00PM Pacific Time on World Diabetes Day, and the diabetes community (including Carb DM) spent all day celebrating and raising awareness for the disease.  Thanks to the internet and social media, even those who were not able to participate in a local event were able to follow the celebrations online. Carb DM was on social media all day, following dozens, hundreds, thousands of tweets. Below is a recap of what went on online, along with some of our favorite tweets of the day:

Hundreds of diabetes events were held around the world, including conferences, fitness events, educational fairs, and more.  Many of these events had taken months to plan, but perhaps none so long as Sebastien Sasseville’s.  Sebastien, a type 1 diabetic and extreme athlete, completed a solo run across Canada to raise awareness for diabetes. His 7500 km (the equivalent of 180…

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