Empire Avenue Blogathon .. All the entries #EAv-Blogathon

Empire Avenue Blogathon .. All the entries #EAv-Blogathon.

Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

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Talking Social Media: Bringing Adults and Teens Together

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Advocacy.  Advocacy.  Advocacy.  I feel like that is the theme of this year for me.  I never understood the importance of advocacy in the library until I began working with the age group that most libraries can’t seem to attract or channel their energy successfully.  My latest advocacy project is making technology and social media accessible to my teenagers.  Our library currently blocks all social media sites for anyone under the age of 18.  And as in a lot of cases, social media is an insanely broad category.  This makes it difficult for teens to build information literacy skills in a safe learning environment like the library.  Our board has graciously invited my teen advisory board to meet with them in September to discuss why they would like access to social networks and how my teens think this will impact them and their programming.  I am excited by the opportunity…

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Next up in our Sensory Friendly Films is Planes: Fire and Rescue!

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Have you had a chance to try out one of the great Sensory Friendly Film showings at NCG Cinema in Yorkville?  Now is your chance! The next special screening is Saturday June 26th at 10:00 am.  Come enjoy Disney’s latest animation adventure Planes: Fire and Rescue in an accepting and relaxed environment.  The sound is turned down a bit, the lights are left a little brighter and there is plenty of room to wiggle around.   A great chance for the whole family to enjoy a movie on the big screen together!

When you attend one of our special event film screenings, you can purchase concessions at the discounted group rate and there are always free refills on drinks and popcorn!  Tickets for the movie are just $6 per person.

Check out the full line-up of first run Sensory Friendly Films for 2014 and mark your calendars now so…

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Guest blog post: Sharing Individual Stories to Preserve Disability History

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Jihan Abbas is a researcher with both personal and professional experience in the area of disability and equality rights and the former Director of Policy and Research for Independent Living Canada. Her research interests include disability and the labour market, social policy, and the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Here is an excerpt:

As a researcher, the appeal of initiatives like this are in their power to position persons with disabilities as the experts in their own experiences and needs. Additionally, individual stories are important as they help counter the existing history of disability – which is largely dominated by a medical model that erroneously frames disability as an individual tragedy and/or uniform experience. Documenting and sharing individual stories counters this problematic history through the preservation of narratives that celebrate the knowledge, skills, and individual and collective power within this diverse community.

For the entire post: http://communityresearcher.blogspot.com/2014/07/disability-visibility-project-sharing.html

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Talk of using walker abruptly ends PD honeymoon

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Walker 2

My 15-year honeymoon with Parkinson’s disease ended unexpectedly when my new physical therapist, Mia, completed a three-hour evaluation and recommended I start using a walker. Her words hit me like a ton of bricks, as I was totally unprepared for this conversation. For me, moving to a walker signified the beginning of the end. It was my line in the sand, a turning point in my body’s assault on me, and my first significant loss.

Seeing tears welling up in my eyes, Mia quickly assured me that her suggestion was based not on worsening Parkinson’s symptoms, but on cascading orthopedic issues, including spinal stenosis and sciatic nerve pain, that pose the greatest threat to my long-term mobility and independence. Surely we can try something other than a walker to address my gait issues, I pleaded.

Mia said nothing more about it until after our moderately paced walk up and down the corridors…

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Weighty Matters at #YWM2014

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Your Weight Matters. But why? Why does size carry so much burden?

According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) over one-third of Americans are obese. That’s one out of every three of us. So why are there so many issues that surround people with obesity?

I’m not just talking about health issues, but social issues. Regardless of the attention obesity gets in the news media, very little has been done to stop the bias and discrimination that obese individuals face all the time.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? How about discrimination in employment, barriers in education, stereotypes in the media, and stigma in day to day personal relationships. This is just the tip of the iceberg…these things greatly impact the quality of life for individuals battling obesity.

People who are obese not only have to deal with the physical issues like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and…

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