Calling all Organic Gardeners! Ready to launch!

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Recorded the first three episodes of the organic gardener podcast and have 3 more interviews scheduled this week!

As soon as I have 10 episodes in the bank I’m launching.

So exciting!

Podcasting is turning into so much more fun then I expected!! My guests have shared great tips, resources, and recipes already I feel like I have learned a ton of valuable information that’s going to help me grow a better garden next year!

Lots of great inspiration and yummy sounding recipes being shared as well.

My only problem so far is the interviews are coming out much shorter then I thought they would so I either have to come up with more questions or insert some more content or something. I do want to add a funny gardening joke at the beginning to lighten the mood and I’ve got to get my introduction done etc.

Feeling so much…

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Give me the right friggin’ keyboard! And five other tips to make your mobile site user friendly.

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If you’ve ever signed up for or ordered anything on your mobile device, then invariably you’ve experience the unmitigated frustration of that activity.

Sure, mobile devices are great and put the utility of instant communication, Internet access, e-commerce, gaming, etc. all at your fingertips.

And yes, the convenience vastly outweighs any pain points you may experience using your mobile phone.

But that doesn’t negate the pain points.

And while we may suffer for the privilege of owning one of these remarkable devices, we don’t have to do so silently.

If we don’t raise our voices in protest, the minor inconveniences we suffer may well go unaddressed.

And I’m not having that!

So on to vociferous complaining I go.


One thing I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate, hate is when I’m filling out a form on my device and tab to a field that’s asking for a number, say my…

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Siblings and Older Foster Kids Need Parents

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Nancy Hill posted a blog on her website yesterday regarding adopting older children and sibling sets. As an adoptive parent with an open adoption, I think her comments are right on target. Although we did not adopt our son’s half sibling (she was adopted by her biological grandfather), we are in regular contact with her and her family. These open, blended families, whether within the same household or in an extended family relationship are important for making successful “forever” families.

Here’s that blog.  And to all families, whether biological, blended, and/or “forever” families, Happy Holidays!

Siblings and Older Foster Kids Need Parents

by Janice Hill, December 16, 2014

Regular readers will find this to differ from my usual post, at first glance.  Social action that sees light on this blog is often political, but at this time of the year, when everyone is thinking of family, family gatherings, and tradition…

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SutiSana: Helping Survivors of Prostitution in Bolivia

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Whenever I travel, I try to ensure I’m fitting in a little bit of time to learn about some of the social issues that impact a country I am visiting. Through my work as a social good…

Eat Clean in 2015

You Are Not Your Illness

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I was thinking today about the times I was diagnose with several mental illnesses. First it was just depression and anxiety, then Bipolar II disorder, then the doozy of them all that ended up with my plummeting into my eating disorder: borderline personality disorder.

Out of all the diagnoses Bipolar II and BPD were not ones I wanted to have. I mean no insult to those of you who read my blog on the regular who have these disorders, it is nothing personal or an attack on anyone living with the two disorders.

I remember walking out of my therapists office the day I was diagnosed borderline with my head spinning in a million different directions.

What was borderline?
What was I on the border of?
Does this mean I’m crazy?
Will I end up back in a psychiatric hospital?

In my offense, not that I have to defend how…

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A Call to Action: Timothy Shriver’s ‘Fully Alive’

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Last month, Timothy Shriver’s memoir Fully Alive, Discovering What Matters was released. Shriver is the executive director of Special Olympics, an international organization in 170 countries that was started by his mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968.

Mr. Shriver has had the likes of Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck and Annie Lamott positively rave about the book. He was a featured guest on Oprah’s Soul Sunday along with countless other television and print media interviews. He is everywhere right now. With all that coverage he doesn’t actually need Thorin’s mother to put in her two cents but I am going to anyway because I think this is an important book.

At the heart of the book is Shriver’s spiritual search for a meaningful and purposeful life which he finds through the lives of people we have deemed the most meaningless—those individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The soul of the book is Rosemary…

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