World Braille Day

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Did you know that January 4th was World Braille Day? As I researched Braille Day, I learned some new, interesting facts.

  • Braille is not actually a language, but a code used by blind people
  • A blind Frenchman, Louis Braille, in 1821 devised this code to provide access to literacy, intellectual freedom, equal opportunity, and personal security
  • Braille is the official communications code world-wide

Today, Braille is incorporated into many aspects of public life. braileBuildings with elevators have buttons with Braille markings, and Braille announcements and instructions are posted on walls so that people with vision impairments traveling on their own can navigate through the area. Even ATM machines now include Braille markings.

Technological devices have also been adapted to facilitate Braille users. Computers now incorporate the use of Braille through specialized displays, keyboards, and portable displays that connect to mobile phones. Alternatively, “Stand-Alone Braille Devices” are portable hardware…

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Words Hurt

The Health Benefits of Laughter

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Have you ever experienced that exhausted feeling after a good laugh? You know, the one where your side hurts, your eyes water, you can hardly catch your breath and your body’s totally spent. The type of laugh that feels like you’ve just finished working out at the gym. 20140723-063823-23903318.jpg
Laughter Triggers Healthy Physical Changes in the Body

Laughter has a powerful effect on health and well-being. Laughter and exercise may have more in common than you think — most notably, both can boost your health. Sure, you know about the infinite benefits of an active lifestyle, but did you know that laughter can support the immune system, improve blood pressure, stimulate the organs and reduce pain?

Many studies have been done to investigate the benefits of laughter and researchers have found amazing results. 20140723-064007-24007457.jpg
1. Laughing lowers blood pressure
People who lower their blood pressure, even those who start at normal levels…

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Soy and Your Health

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It seems as though there are new soy foods added to the market every day. It’s hard to know which ones we should be adding to our diet and if we should be adding them at all.

I have recently received many questions and/or concerns about soy safety. They include:

I’ve heard soy can cause thyroid problems.

Is soy safe for cancer survivors?

Has soy been shown to cause breast cancer?

I’m approaching menopause and am having horrible hot flashes. My doctor told me to drink soy milk , does it help?

Soy products have recently enjoyed increasing popularity. Soy products include soybeans (also called edamame) and any other items made from soybeans, including soymilk, tofu, tempeh, miso, and vegetarian meat and dairy substitutes like soy meats and soy cheeses. Like most other plant foods, the most healthful choices are those that are minimally processed so they retain all of…

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Exercise and Your Digestive Health

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Have you ever noticed that after a great workout you sometimes have to hustle to the bathroom? There’s good reason for it – getting your heart pumping helps increase blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout your body.

Blood and oxygen are necessary to aid in digestion and keep muscles (even those in your intestines) healthy. So, when you’re working on your abs, triceps and hamstrings – you’re also giving your intestinal muscles a workout which gets things moving, and may result in a visit to the bathroom.

Your digestive system includes your stomach, esophagus, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestines and bowels. Your digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food you eat into the nutrients and energy your body needs to function properly. The normal time for digestion of the food is usually 24 hours to 72 hours. Exercising helps to improve the digestion process.

IMG_1780.PNGExercise improves blood flow…

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Headache Relief: Foods that Heal

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IMG_2131.JPG If you’re like most people, then you’ve experienced a tension headache. And in today’s world filled with stress, deadlines, 24/7 exposure to technology, and more, it’s difficult to avoid headaches. In fact, tension headaches are so common that the World Health Organization (WHO) says that tension headaches are encountered by 80 percent of adults. Moreover, approximately 45 million Americans suffering from chronic ones. Now that’s a lot of headaches!

With that being said, headaches are one of the most common patient complaints I encounter on a daily basis. But when pain strikes, you’re not always able to pop a pill or turn down the lights. Fortunately, there are some foods that can help fight against headaches naturally.

For starters, you’ll want to buy and eat organic foods—so that you avoid pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and other toxins, which can only add to headache problems.

Now that we’ve established the “organic” rule…

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5 Things To Do at the Start Every Week

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I have always been focused on achievement. I’m a “goals first” girl and I generate lists that help me do my best. A to-do list gives me a sense of control and makes me feel productive when I get work done. Every time I get to cross off a to-do, a little shot of adrenaline is mine. It keeps me motivated and focused on the next job to be done.

For most of us, having a productive work week starts on Monday. This means that if you block out your frustrations and change your mindset, Monday is the most important day of the work week! It’s a day of renewal!

Here are 5 things I TRY to do every Monday. Sometimes I don’t get through all of them but this approach has proven to be effective for me!

1. Go to bed early Sunday night and get at least 7-8…

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