Memorial Day Weekend – Thoughts of Loss and Legacy

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Memorial Day Weekend –

flagThoughts of Loss and Legacy

As I sit at the lake overlooking the glistening water, I can hear the loons sing and the leaves whisper in the breath of the breeze.  The cabin, was my parents’ home.  Their and pride and joy.   They loved every blade of grass, each deck board and shingle.  They would reminisce about each tree planted, the hummingbirds as they returned annually to dance in their windows and the eagles that soared overhead.  The cabin, their home triggers strong memories for me and my family. lake 1My Father has been gone since 2001, but it feels like yesterday I was visiting with him.  When I sit in my Father’s recliner or walk on the steps going down to the lake I still feel my Dads presence.  I see him working in the sun alongside my brother and his friends positioning each rail road…

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Secret Scents infographic, the widespread impact of allergies by @women4earth

Secret Scents infographic, the widespread impact of allergies by @women4earth.

Stay Hydrated and Enjoy Water

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Warmer days are here so it is an important time to make sure we are drinking enough water. It is extremely important that we stay hydrated all year round. Adequate water helps flush toxins out of our body and keeps our skin and joints healthy. During the summer, dehydration can contribute to heat exhaustion and other serious issues.


Getting adequate electrolytes can be just as important as drinking water. Electrolytes are the minerals that our bodies need for proper nerve and muscle function. My husband works a lot outside, and in the past, he would start feeling nauseous on very hot days. Now he adds ElectroMix, an electrolyte blend without sugar, to his water and hasn’t had a problem since.

I started using the ElectroMix too on the days I work in the garden and find it feels more refreshing than regular water. I have found this to be true…

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy While on Vacation

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Going away on vacation does not mean taking a vacation from your healthy lifestyle.

We’ve all been there, done that. When you’re not in the luxury of your own kitchen, it’s very easy to slip up and eat foods that you normally would not choose if you were home. Now it’s okay to have a treat, but that does not mean every single meal.

Since I’m currently away on vacation, I thought it was the perfect time to share with you some tips and tricks that I use to stay healthy and active, but also enjoy myself.




Plan out some fun activities to do. There are endless things you can do – go to the beach or park, take a nature walk/hike, rent kayaks, bike, go for a run. If you’re on a cruise ship – take advantage of the…

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5 good reasons to go to the sea! :)

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Hello beachgoers!

Today I went to the beach in Normandy. It was just for the day but it felt good! Believe me, the beach has more benefits than you think. Here are 5 good reasons to go to the sea!

1. Sun! This is the best source of vitamin D. Trust me, we really need it after the greyness of winter! Vitamin D plays a fundamental role in our immune system. It contributes to muscle strength, reduce pain of periods and helps to resist respiratory infections! So feel free to take a sunbath… Remember to protect yourself by putting on sunscreen, sunglasses and avoiding exposing yourself between noon and 4:00 p.m.


2. Sand! It is a natural exfoliant. Indeed, the finely crushed shells associate with the small grains of the sand are a great scrub skin cleanser. Just wet your skin with sea water and gently rub all over your…

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How To Exercise Without Realizing It

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I have found this post about ways to exercise without realizing you are exercising.  I know a few of my readers have expressed a disdain for “working out” so I thought I would find alternatives.  Here’s the truth: you must find ways to stay active, regardless of age, weight or physical aptitude, everyone must get physical exercise.  Next, you must develop a healthy eating lifestyle.  I will preach this till my head pops off!!  Anywho, check out the article and let me know what you think:


Big Dreamer

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Easy beauty routines to try today-(Part 1)

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Cucumber on eyes to freshen them up.
Drink 2 litres of water everyday.
Tea bags on tired eyes.
Sleep in socks filled with moisturiser for soft feet.
Shave legs with hair conditioner.
Toothpaste on insect bites.
Baking soda on teeth to make them whiter.
Lipstick on cheeks when you run out of blusher.
Using honey as a face mask.
Vaseline to smooth out frizzy hair.
Sleep on back to avoid wrinkles.
Add sugar to soap to exfoliate.
Apply whisked eggs to hair to make it shiny.
Mix a drop of serum with foundation to make skin glow.
Pumpkin and coconut oil on your hair to give it a moisture boost.
Coffee as a body scrub to beat cellulite.
Mash up avocado and use as a body scrub.

These recipes should be tried religiously to achieve satisfactory results.

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