New Insight About Bullying That Everyone Should Read

Lipreading Mom

When a member of my extended family dropped out of high school, the reason broke my heart. The teen was mercilessly bullied by classmates because his parents, both of whom are Deaf, use sign language with him in the home (he is hearing). This is shocking and unbelievable, and it has to stop.

I started the Stop Hearing Loss Bullying campaign because of my family member’s sad story. This could have been eliminated, had the students and staff been educated in the Deaf culture. Instead, my family member remains with his parents and is working to complete his GED.

Why Most Bullying Goes Unreported

According to a newly released study by, 28 percent of teens reported in 2012 that they were bullied in school. Boys were bullied more than girls. Incidents ranged from being sent threatening text messages and emails to getting pushed and punched.

Sadly, according to…

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