52 health, nutrition and training tips (from 2012): Part 1


Yes, I know it’s a bit late in 2013 to be talking about what I learnt in 2012, but bear with me…

Last year, I attended a number of seminars that left me with several pages of badly scribbled notes. A couple of days ago, I thought I’d have a look through them and after many hours of deciphering what I think I wrote, I was left with quite a few little gems of information that I thought I’d spread over a couple of blog posts.

The following came from talks by Phil Richards, John Anderson, Dr. Eric Serrano, Matt Lovell and Eoin Lacey.

I hope you can find something in there that’s useful!

1)      Any fat you eat from an animal MUST be organic (cheese, butter etc.) as the toxins are stored in the fat

2)      30-40% of females have a fructose intolerance. Remove fruit during fat-loss or only…

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