Dangers of Sitting and Wonders of Walking

Life, Health, and Beauty

I love walking! Throughout the week I try to walk outside for at least twenty minutes everyday. I think better when I’m not sitting and I just simply love moving around. While I’m at home I can often be found surfing the web, emailing, reading, etc. while walking around holding my Samsung tablet. I actually can not stand sitting for long amounts of time. It drives me crazy! I don’t think of myself as one of those hyperactive people who can not sit still, but I really have a difficult time sitting. Thankfully, schools out now. I spend my days exercising, walking around the house, walking around outside, or standing while I’m on my computer.

I didn’t always hate sitting. In fact, I spent most of my day sitting at a desk or computer. This was before I began to change my lifestyle. Within the last year, I’ve spent as…

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