Having a Hard Time Getting Active? Try a Pedometer

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Sometimes the idea of getting “active” is a bit overwhelming  What comes to mind? For me, its usually running shoes. And honestly, I hate running. Or at least, I don’t enjoy it. So I still battle that subconscious blech when I think about “getting active.”

But let’s say it’s more than that. Let’s say you’ve never been an active person and it’s honestly difficult to walk consistently for more than ten minutes. You’re not alone.

When I worked at Jenny Craig, I encountered this situation with my clients frequently, whether due to age, medical conditions, or obesity  It’s something a lot of people out there have a hard time overcoming.

For someone who can walk half an hour without breaking a sweat…well, they can’t relate, so it’s difficult to understand. And they may give you the attitude of just do it, as if that’s the solution.

Well, to some extent, it…

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