Meet My Friend, Wendy, Who Is Going Deaf and Blind

Lipreading Mom

A couple of weeks ago, I met for lunch and swimming with my friend, Wendy, and her children. As the two of us watched our kids splash and jump around in a neighborhood pool, Wendy and I chatted about her hearing loss and blindness. I had so many questions to ask her that I couldn’t fit them all into our conversation—and the kids obviously required three-fourths of our attention. So I followed up with Wendy in an email interview.

What is your earliest memory of vision loss and hearing loss?

It might have been in high school now that I recollect issues. I remember almost getting hit by the garage door while it was going down.

Wow. That is scary.

I know!

When we recently spoke, you described your vision loss as seeing things with Vaseline smeared over your sunglasses. You also mentioned having no peripheral vision. What are the…

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