LIBERATING THE MIND FROM MENTAL SLAVERY: Role of Museums, Archives and Libraries

UWI Museum

This post goes outside the direct activity of the UWI Museum, into the wider museum community of which we are part, spotlighting an activist perspective on the work of museums, libraries and archives that was recently brought to a Jamaican audience.

The time was August 17, the 126th anniversary of the birth of international activist and Jamaican National Hero Marcus Garvey. The place was the Garvey Great Hall at Liberty Hall in Kingston, Jamaica, amidst a Garvey Centenary travelling exhibition developed in 1987 by the Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture in the USA; now donated to Liberty Hall. The event was the annual Garvey lecture during which former Schomburg Director Howard Dodson Jr, now Director, Moorland-Springarn Research Centre and Howard University Libraries, argued museums, libraries and archives to play an activist role in liberating minds from the mental slavery of colonialism.

Liberty Hall, whose focus is the…

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