50 Years After the March on Washington: A Black Lobbyist’s Perspective

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By Stefanie Reeves, MA, CAE (Sr. Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, Public Interest Government Relations Office)

Dr. King’s vision of a world where we are judged not the color of our skin but the content of our character rings true in government relations. Fifty years ago, there were 5 African American members of Congress.  As far as the number of African American lobbyists at that time, I’m sure you could also count them on one hand.

This bit of information is important. Typically, African American members of Congress tend to have a more diverse staff.  The traditional career path for a lobbyist is moving up the food chain in a congressional office on Capitol Hill which usually leads to a high-level lobbying position in DC.

Sounds simple, right?  However, just as getting a lobbying job is a matter of “who you know”, so is getting a job on Capitol…

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