7 Quick Bike Riding Safety Tips: blog post for Plymouth Rock Assurance

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Sitting is the new smoking: So get off your bum and on your bike!

I’ve blogged about being a passionate urban cyclist before. I like to volunteer my time by writing for Livable Streets Alliance, an advocacy group that works hard to make metro Boston’s streets a safer, saner, healthier place for people to live, work, and play.

In that spirit, here’s a recent blog post I did for Plymouth Rock Assurance on how to navigate Boston streets safely on two wheels. You can read the post below, and visit their blog at http://blog.prac.com.

Why blog about cycling for a car insurance company? Less cars on the road = less accidents = lower premiums (provided cyclists ride safely, too, of course).

7 Quick Bike Riding Safety Tips

Cycling isn’t just for Spandex-clad roadies on fancy lightweight racing bikes anymore.

Businessman_On_A_Bicycle.jpgPlenty of people are riding bikes…

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