One Month to Go! (3 Ways to Contribute and Prepare)

Food Allergy Bloggers Conference

Final Panel Survey

To better inform our panelists and the discussions we hope to have at the conference next month (how strange to write that!) there is a survey we’d love for members of the online food allergy community to respond to.  Check it out here and feel free to share:

FABlogCon Final Panel Survey

Register to Attend the FARE Walk Event

Also, if you are planning to walk with us or visit the booths at the FARE event (a much more accurate term than just “walk” since there will be so much more to see and do) on November 2, 2013 please be sure to register (registration is free).  For liability reasons the organizers need all attendees (including children) to register.  FARE is one of our sponsors and it would be wonderful to have a great turnout for our team.

Join our Walk Team!

Food Safety at the South…

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