It takes a village.

An ErinBird

October is domestic violence awareness month. It is also the month I celebrate my escape from an abusive relationship.

Though it’s been three years since I left, the emotional wounds are still healing. There are days that I have more questions than answers, but most days, there isn’t a point to asking any question but one: how do abusive men continue to thrive in their communities and find new victims? The answer, though not a good one, is that domestic violence is still seen as a “personal” issue and victims are tasked with the burden of proving abuse.

What I’ve learned not only through my experience in an abusive relationship, but also through years of professional experience in advocacy and support, is that abusive men do an incredibly thorough job of discrediting their victims. In the town that I lived in, my abuser was involved with many businesses…

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  1. I’m glad you re-blogged this one so I could read it x

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