Misconceptions about Advocacy

NASW-NC Social Work Blog

Legislative advocacy can be a confusing part of the social work profession. Most people are intimidated to speak with legislators or even begin to try and figure out how to advocate. Here are common misconceptions and how you can defeat them to become a better advocate!

  1. I called my legislator…once. When you engage in advocacy, you may think that the one contact you had with your legislator, the phone call you made to his or her office, the email you sent, or the visit you had was enough. In fact, advocacy takes relationship building. Relationship building requires more than one visit, phone call, email, or letter. Legislators are swarmed with lobbyists, constituents, other legislators, staff,  and others interested in their bills.
  2. Session’s over….there is no way I can advocate right now. Advocacy is on going. Some of the best times to build relationships with your legislators is while they…

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