The 1 Action You Must Take!

All About Autism

Vote-blackboardVoting is the one action essential to your future and the future of your child and all children, especially those children and adults with disabilities.

Ryan and I were at the polls this morning ready to cast our vote. We arrived early to beat the lines. To my dismay, we were the only ones there other than the officials. I was happy to not wait in line, but honestly, I was shocked. “Where is everyone?” I wondered.  This may not be an election with many “hot” issues; however, every voting day is important. I believe it’s the most important day as a citizen.

Driving home, I reflected on how many changes have occurred over the years because citizens voted and elected representatives and officials who believe that individuals with disabilities were persons first and entitled to the full benefits of citizenship.

equal_rights_for_allIt was 1952 and children with special needs were…

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