Elizabeth Gomez: To My Abuser, An Anniversary of Sorts

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Exactly, one year ago today, I admitted that I was beaten and raped more than once by the same man; an ex-boyfriend that I loved and thought would be in my life for a long time. I didn’t inform anyone that I was about to “come out”, except for my husband. I didn’t want anyone to know because admitting that you’re a liar, weak, and had a dirty past isn’t an easy thing to do. I meticulously scanned the calendar and made the decision that I would tell my story on Thanksgiving week 2012. This would allow me to “drop the bomb”, then quickly run away to my mother’s house to avoid the internet, my friends, and eat enough dumplings to soak up my bubbling tears.

At the same time, I couldn’t escape the news about “legitimate rape”. For the first time since I left my ex-boyfriend, the…

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