Appearing More Autistic After Diagnosis

Blogging Astrid

A few days ago, Autistic Aloha wrote post about being born autistic and, hence, having been autistic long beofre his diagnosis. I want to write today about one issue which he raises: the idea that autistics appear more autistic after they’ve been diagnosed. I have myself been accused of this, and I say accused because people inevitably see it as something negative. I also have been told that I use my autism diagnosis as an excuse to act more autistic while having the ability (judging by my prior appearance) to act more NT.

This is assuming first that acting NT is always better than acting autistic. I personally don’t think so: unless the autistic is exhibiting dangerous behavior, there is no need to assume that something is bad just because it looks autistic. I know that autistic behavior makes NTs uncomfortable, but so what? Some NT behavior makes me uncomfortable…

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