Is This the Year We Drain the Food Swamp?


swamp  “Americans today live in a food swamp,” says Deborah Cohen, a physician and researcher at the Rand Corporation.  Her new book is A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic and How We Can End It.  Bottom line?  “We have to drain the swamp.”

Progress on this front in 2014 didn’t look very promising when the TV news cycle’s big story was about a teacher who lost weight eating only McDonald’s.  Fortunately, L.V. Anderson of Slate wrote this about it so I didn’t have to.

If John Cisna wants to try to lose weight by eating at McDonald’s every day, fine—but it’s his responsibility to monitor his diet, not his students’. And teachers should be particularly careful about talking about dieting in the classroom given teens’ susceptibility to eating disorders and negative body image. Add in the pro-business political implications of Cisna’s project—“Hey, it’s choice. We all have choices; it’s…

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