Bullying the Gimp

A Poster Child's Perspective

Let me start off by commenting on the title of this article.  I have used the term “gimp” for the past sixty years and I am not going to change now just so I can be politically correct.  I am known to be political but no one has ever accused me of being “politically correct”.  In fact, truth be known, political correctness has done more to move the independent living concept backwards than furthering the fundamentals.  So with that out of the way let me get on my little soapbox here (I build a small ramp for it so I can get my wheelchair up there).

The year I was the March of Dimes Timmy I met many individuals including a number of wrestlers, Whipper Billy Watson being one and the tag team in the attached picture.  It did a couple of things to me.  First it taught me never…

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