Grace is my sister

Hospice Matters

by Andrea Powell, HPCCR Marketing Manager

Jen, left, and my sister Britt Jen, left, and my sister Britt

Grace is my sister.  No, that’s not her name.  My sister’s name is actually Britt.  But for the past several months, and especially the last two weeks, I have been literally awestruck by my sister.  To me, Britt has come to personify the very essence of grace.

Let me tell you why.  Britt’s best friend, Jen, died a little over a week ago.  Jen lived with inflammatory breast cancer (a particularly aggressive and vicious type of the disease) for over six years.  Six years.  And for almost every day of those six years, she endured chemotherapy, radiation, and every single experimental treatment out there.  Yet despite how those treatments made her feel (and for the most part, they made her feel pretty miserable), Jen continued to be an adoring wife, a devoted mother to two sons, a hilarious friend, and a…

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