Bloggers Unite for EndoMarch: Week Six – Why Is This Important?

Fox In the Hen House

Well…I’ve been writing about this for six weeks now, so…if you haven’t figured it out by now… you’re not gonna?

I guess that’s a cop out.

Why is it important?

As Shakespeare once wrote, “let me count the ways.”

Women are quitting their jobs. Or being let go. Because they can’t physically work. Or because the mental/emotional toll/sacrifice is so great that they are incapable of being productive. How can you support yourself, let alone your family, when your health will not allow you to hold a job? Yet these women are generally not eligible for disability. You can sign this petition to change that.

With no job comes no health insurance (until very recently). Lupron, debatedly an effective drug to treat endo symptoms, is damn expensive despite being generic. It’s been around for AGES but the pharmaceutical industry has managed to package it in new ways to keep prices…

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