Elly Stewart’s Speech for LEAD Barwon

LEAD Barwon

Hello, my name is Elly Stewart.

I have two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ric -low functioning- Autism with an intellectual disability/non-verbal.

Meg- high functioning- Asperger Syndrome.

I also work in the Disability Sector as a carer.

Today through LEAD Barwon, I have been asked to speak about my experience and hopes for the future with our National Disability Insurance Scheme.

My son Ric is 26 years old, an absolute angel, but he can be hard work and has some behaviours of concern, and he requires support 24/7. He doesn’t understand danger or consequence of action, he cannot be bribed. He doesn’t understand or appreciate correct social behaviour e.g. toileting, to Ric there is no difference between a tree out the back of Anglesea or a nicely potted plant in Kmart.

Ric attended Barwon Valley School until he was 16 then moved to Encompass.

Through Ric’s Individual Support Plan with…

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