Gun Control Policy: What We Don’t Know Can Kill Us

Social Justice & Beyond

Gun Registration and Universal Background Checks as a Means to Reduce Gun Violence

ImageThis is an advocacy memo I wrote in November 2013 in response to building controversy surrounding gun control policy.  The balance between protecting our right to bear arms and the need to ensure public safety is a slippery slope. No response to gun violence is perfect, including the recommendations I make below. More discussion and debate is needed and I invite you to join the conversation and offer your own critique and response.

All references for this memo came from the CQ research review “Gun Control v.23-10” written by Barbara Mantel, which can be found here.


Too many Americans are killed by guns each year.  With a murder rate of 4.7 for every 100,000 people, FBI officials report 11,101 Americans were murdered using firearms in 2011.   While the U.S. murder rate has been on the…

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