No Kill Allegany County

Save the date for “Redemption,” a film about the No Kill revolution in America which is based on Nathan Winograd’s book of the same name and is coming to a theater near you this summer as part of the “No Kill is Love” tour.

Written by Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Advocacy Center and produced in partnership with Debi & Lincoln Day, No Kill Nation and Sagacity Productions.

movieposterweb– Minneapolis MN, June 6*
– San Francisco (Bay Area) CA, June 11
– Ft. Lauderdale FL, June 21
– Nashville TN, June 25
– Denver CO, July 12
– New York NY, July 16
– Boston MA, July 17
– Washington D.C., July 26
– Norfolk VA, July 27
– Austin TX, Aug 3
– Phoenix AZ, Aug 16
– Atlanta GA, Aug 21
– Charlotte NC, Aug 22
– Fayetteville AR, Aug 23
– Albuquerque NM, Aug 30

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