#BrainInjuryAffects – Lindsey Bannish – Granville, MA

In An Instant Your Life Can Change Forever

img_6251 (3) Lindsey Bannish sustained her injury from multiple concussions due to sports injuries, car accidents, and hard hits .

In 2008, I was diagnosed with post concussive disorder and chronic migraine following a sports related injury. I had multiple head injuries in my youth (from sports) that were never treated and after meeting with my doctor, we realized my total tallied to 5 concussions. However it wasn’t until then that I really had noticed the change. My classes became difficult, my concentration and focus worsened and I began feeling like I couldn’t remember things (all of the time). I struggled with reading and typing (things I had never had a difficult time with). I had always been a good student but my grades quickly dropped and I realized that it took me longer and longer to get through material. It had been suggested that I take time off from school; however…

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