moms judging moms

sue robins

Yup, he's in Special O.  (Bite it if you don't like it). Yup, he’s in Special O. Bite it if you don’t like it.

We all know of the ‘Mommy Wars’ – work v. stay-at-home, bottle v. breast, cloth v. disposable, natural v. epidural – and so on.  This is about women judging other women.

If you happen to have a child with a disability, I’d add another war that rages in our underground community:  inclusion v. segregation.  That could take the form of  school – children going to community schools v. special education sites, or recreation – community sports v. Special Olympics., etc.

I once belonged to a Facebook group of parents who were involved with an organization that provided support for young children to be included in community preschools.    Someone posted a question:  tell us about your community recreation experience, and I naively answered, talking about our failure to have our son successfully included in community soccer and his happy…

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