The R-Word: A Branch From The Poisoned Tree

Kimchi Latkes

The word.  The r-word.


It is an ugly word.  No one calls someone else by that word as a gesture of respect or affection, do they?  There seem to be no shortage of arguments people use to defend the word’s use.

It isn’t personal.
No one means it like that anymore.
I’m talking about a thing, not your kid.
The world is too politically correct.
Don’t be the language police. 

I want to suggest here, to the person who uses that word and any derivations of it, that it is personal, you do mean it like that, you are talking about my kid, it isn’t about being politically correct, and asking for respect is not an act of policing the English language.

What are we talking about, then?  Here is where I think we get tripped up.  I think we are getting fixated on a single poisoned branch of…

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