Mindfulness Before Medication

Writing Real Life

druggo1 Last week a co-worker told me her daughter recently started a trial of antidepressant medication. At school they say she is ‘overly sensitive,’ cries a lot and has been depressed. She is seven years old.

She’s been diagnosed as ‘mildly autistic’ and has been seeing a therapist in addition to receiving intervention at school. This co-worker has been an advocate for her daughter since the first indication that something was different about her. She reports that representatives of the school say her daughter needs more support than she receives in a regular classroom setting, but they don’t want to put her in special education because they don’t think that’s the best fit either.

This mother believes her otherwise healthy, bright, inquisitive, perceptive and sensitive seven year old child would thrive in an educational environment where her differences are acknowledged as part of the whole, complete person that she is, as…

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