Norman Borlaug: The 100 Year Tribute

That Iowa Girl

   March 25th of 2014 marked the 100th birthday of one of the most important people in the agriculture industry. This man was an American biologist, humanitarian, and Nobel laureate. He’s been called ‘The Father of the Green Revolution,’ ‘Agriculture’s Greatest Spokesperson,’ and ‘The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives.’ He has been honored with many prestigious awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970.

   But who is this man who left such a remarkable legacy?



  Norman Borlaug was a scientist. His work on selective breeding and crossbreeding has so far saved more than one billion people from starvation. He didn’t want praise or money. He didn’t want to be worshiped. His only motives were human compassion and scientific progress. And you’ve probably never even heard of him.  

   A statue was unveiled honor of his 100th birthday. It sits in the National Statuary Hall on Capitol…

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