Ready, Set…Advocate!

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It’s about power of persuasion, being an inspiration, being that spark that ignites a change in formation

A thought leader, a leader by example, a story worth telling, wrapped in a tragic hero’s preamble

An archer of ideas, born from adversity’s high gears, a sufferer’s yield rich in insights and lessons real

It’s about striking a chord by being human and authentic about what you believe and how you project it

It’s about being the imperfect vessel that you are, but brave and bold when you know the cargo is precious and needing transport

It’s not talk that’s cheap, it’s the type of talk we’ve become accustomed to sow and reap

The ability to put these words together, and reflect on how they’re tethered, were paid by a price steep

So, I don’t discount this currency, the method of exchange of Rumi and Shakespeare…

Not to say that I match…

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