A Letter to the Graduating Class of 2014

Social Work Social Compass

IMG_2392 “Be the change you want to see in the world” Immortal words from one of the greatest leaders of the modern world, Mahatma Gandhi. As humans many of us strive to be a part of that change. Many want to give back, but as social workers. The call to be the change is what our profession is about. To be a Social worker is to be a change agent. A social worker sees the world from a different lens, we see the suffering, the poverty, the sheer will to survive and people at their most vulnerable. We also see the strength, the beauty, the community and the humanity of the world. As social workers you follow in the leadership of the great social work pioneers, Jane Addams, Mary Richmond, Dorthea Dix and the countless others who have made their marks on history. As a social worker you have chosen a…

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