Fellow Nigerians, Keep Rising – Let’s not allow grief kill Our hope (Part I)



Back in highschool in Nigeria, teaching students about the natural resources which their country possesses was a key part of our teachers’ curriculum. We learnt that this state in Nigeria possesses a lot of coal, the other, petroleum, the other, diamond, and the list goes on. Nigeria is a naturally blessed nation. So even in the midst of all the grief that Nigerians are currently going through, I continue to stick with my mantra: Nigeria never did anything to me, it is some Nigerians IN Nigeria that should check themselves.

I developed that mantra because I do not want Nigerians including myself to look down on the Land that We are blessed with. We are lucky to belong to a Land naturally blessed with resources in terms of people, mineral resources and religion. Nigeria is a rich country. Nigeria is the earthly body containing people who were made to be…

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