Is The Dairy Industry Marketing To Our Children?

The Vegan Choice Blog

Did you know that dairy consumption has been linked to Type 1 diabetes, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases?  Did you know that casein, the main protein in dairy foods, has been shown to promote cancer, increase blood cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque?

Did you know that the National Dairy Council has been ambushing our children in the public education system with their marketing campaign for generations?  Do you realize that this means they have been force-feeding their products to our young, impressionable children…products that are known to cause life-threatening and deadlyillnesses?

I am fairly confident that I can claim that I am not the only one that did not know this.  Now that I do, I am outraged, disgusted and on a mission to spread this information to everyone who is willing to listen.

Flash back nine months ago…I was just beginning my vegan journey…

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