May #BTSM Chat – Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Plated Life

May’s #BTSM chat focused on events and campaigns that are taking place this month, Brain Tumor Awareness Month. We discussed ways to get involved with The National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) throughout the chat this month instead of using specific topics.

Our chat’s very own @TheLizArmy, @SarahFunes, @ashmt as well as @mAssKicker1 are all in DC this week for NBTS’s Head to the Hill event. The event teaches advocates about key public policy issues, and provides them with an opportunity to speak with congressional leaders. These conversations aim to raise awareness of the needs of the brain tumor community, and the event itself brings together brain tumor advocates from across the country.

Tuesday, May 6th (TODAY) was Congressional Call-in Day from 9am to 5pm. While the advocates mentioned above are in DC, the rest of us could join from home by calling our legislators’ office and talking with their…

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