My Contribution to Spreading Awareness on Depression

Mind, Body, and Soul

Throughout the semester, I planned an event to act in conjunction with the content I have posted on this blog. Although it took a great deal of planning, I believe in the end it was well worth the efforts and spread awareness on breaking the stigma associated with individuals who have a mental illness. 

For the actual event I set up in an area I knew many students passed through, called the Commons at my university’s campus. I invited my friends and spread the word on the actual event via Facebook, but knew that the traffic in the area would also keep me busy. At this area, I set up a poster with “Famous Faces,” or well-known individuals who have depression, reinforcing the idea of breaking the stigma associated the mental illness. Individuals on the poster included Dolly Parton, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Carrey, among many others. 



I partnered with the…

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