Why We Do Advocacy as Christians

Shannan Vance-Ocampo


Today I was honored to walk alongside some of the pastors in Albany Presbytery who have made prison reform a signature part of their ministry and Christian witness and who invited me to join them today for a lobby day.   We joined with hundreds of others from around the State.  Members of Hudson River and Utica Presbyteries also joined us.  Today was also the Farm Worker lobby day and many of us also participated in that experience.   We stand beside Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) policy language that supports and undergirds both of these issues we were invited to advocate for.  

Today was a reminder of why we do advocacy as Christians, it is our opportunity to be hands and feet for Jesus and to practice accompaniment which to me is the most sacred of Christian practices.  I had the chance to do some lobby visits with a group…

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One response to “Why We Do Advocacy as Christians

  1. Wow! Thanks for reblogging this! So honored!

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