Even the USA is seeing the value in creating space for cycling

Get Sutton Cycling

The home of GM, Ford, muscle cars and Indy500 is stepping ahead of the UK when it comes to making space for cycling.

In this video you can see that local government and business are starting to see the value in creating a transport infrastructure that gives people a real choice. Businesses are seeing greater profits, locally run businesses, especially. Government is seeing cycle lanes as a differentiator, making cities more livable and also allowing those on lower incomes, which includes the young, to stay in the area, providing businesses with the talent they need to grow.

Cars have a place, but so does cycling. Space for cycling frees up space on the roads and enables people to have a real choice on how they move around a town. Cycling creates a better environment too, and I don’t just mean cleaner, but a friendlier more connected community.

Candidates for the…

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