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Advocating for Children

The following is a guest post from  4C’s immediate past Board Chair, Davida Gable.

Caregiving is a skill. In addition to requiring individuals of excellent character, it requires education. Each day, researchers are making new child care discoveries, validating some practices and discrediting others. We know more about brain development than our parents did. Perusing 4C’s workshops, one encounters the education required for caregivers with classes including language and literacy, cognition, motor development, learning environments, music, social competence, emotional development…even biting!

For too long, society has not acknowledged the skills and education required for quality caregiving.  Some people accord quality caregivers with no more importance – or compensation – than they would give babysitters.  When the skill is recognized, it’s sometimes considered innate to women, ignoring the generational traditions of families actively teaching offspring how to care for children.

With the decline of these generational teaching traditions and the…

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