Mental Health Advocacy: What can you do?


It’s time to change up some of my postings on here.  We could chalk it up to the Bipolar, but I think it’s just who I am.  I tend jump around.  I like to keep people guessing.  So, since about 2008 I have volunteered with a suicide prevention charity.  It has been through my work with this charity that I found my voice.  I began to tell my story at out various walks, including out National walk in front of 2,000 people.  Also, we worked closely with our local military base and spoke several times there including an awareness walk of over 2,000 soldiers.  At all of these walks, there was always someone that came up to me to thank me for being so open.  It gave insight to those who had lost someone to suicide and it gave hope to those that were struggling right along with me.  I also had…

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