Seeds of Food Sovereignty Grow in the Shadow of CAFTA

EcoViva :: Community-led Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

FOTO INAURACION AÑO AGRICOLA BAJO LEMPA At the inauguration of the seed program in 2011, a member of a cooperative from the Lower Lempa presents President Mauricio Funes with certified seed as the Minister of Agriculture looks on.

In the face of mounting pressure from free trade agreements and transnational corporations, the people who produce, distribute, and consume food are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a just and equitable local food system. In response, small-scale farmers around the world are calling for food sovereignty, the right of communities to healthy, culturally appropriate, and sustainably produced food, and the freedom to determine their own food and agriculture systems.

Seeds are the first link in the food chain and give life to food sovereignty.  This is particularly evident in the Lower Lempa region of El Salvador, where since 2011, cooperatives have been producing certified corn seed for the government’s Family Agriculture Program, which distributes the seed…

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