These Lebanese campaigns will change the way you think about GBV advocacy

The Femini-tarian

In a creative approach to upgrade advocacy efforts by civil stakeholders against violence in Lebanon – particularly domestic and gender based violence (GBV) – ABAAD called on Syrian refugee girls to reproduce on dummies their personal stories of violence and discrimination. A public exhibition displaying the puppets is organised today in Taanayel in Lebanon’s Bekaa region.

Readers who are familiar with Lebanese civil and women campaigns would agree that a notable, rather dramatic, evolution of advocacy tools has marked the past fourteen years. Foreign military “evacuations”, a post-2006 growth in NGOs, access to funding, activist mobility and the “social boom” have all shaped today’s advocacy margin of manoeuvre.

The Adventures of Salwaan animation campaign to combat sexual harassment, illustrates how the evolution in advocacy allowed it to have a broader outreach and become participatory. That means the fight against sexual harassment and violence must be everybody’s business…

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