The Right To Be Forgotten, Or The Right To Censor? How Will Europe Decide?

This week the European Courts effectively created a new law, the Right to be Forgotten on the Internet.  The Right to Forget is also included in the proposed new EU Data Protection law that is due to come into force in 2016.  But are they the same? In this case it does not appear to be so, and the fact that they are different appears to be being missed by most observers.

Let’s take the new Data Protection Act first.  This gives the individual the right to be forgotten, but what does that mean? It’s very simple really – if I give Company x some data, whether that is for say a Facebook post or some financial data for a comparison website, then I can subsequently ask that site/service to delete the data which I have given it.  I have a right for them to ‘forget’ this information. This…

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