Loyalty, dementia and giving a damn!

photoGiving a shit is really what I’d have liked to used in the title, but I was trying not to be rude… Oh well, I’ve now failed on that front too!!! People with dementia need a lot of encouragement to keep going, to keep aspiring for change, to stay energised as advocates for themselves and others. Advocacy is a challenging thing to be doing, and it takes a lot of energy, vision and time.

It takes a lot of commitment too, and can also cause a lot of personal angst, as people with out dementia are not yet used to us speaking up. It requires loyalty to our dreams and goals, and if you are part of a global movement, then it requires loyalty to the movement. Without loyalty from the whole team, then the possibility of some saying, ‘I’ve had enough’, or ‘I no longer give a damn’ is…

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