Make Medicines for People, not for Profit

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A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Basel at the Universities Allied For Essential Medicines (UAEM) Europe 2014 conference. I was with a group of over 200 incredibly inspiring students from 22 countries, including the UK, Russia and South Africa. United in their commitment to ensure people have access to the medicines they need, they campaign for their universities to sign up to the Global Access Licensing Framework.


Historically, students have campaigned and contributed to huge social change. The UAEM is particularly valuable because of the students’ close proximity to universities. Universities lead in the research of new medical drugs and treatments and then sell their research to pharmaceutical companies who will develop the drug.

Through this purchase, pharmaceutical companies get a patent for the drug, often 20 years, which gives them the sole right to produce this drug, charge the price they like and sue other companies…

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