Migraine Awareness Month Glasses Contest!

Migraine Discussions


In honor of Migraine Awareness Month which many of you know is June, Axon Optics was kind enough to offer up some awesome prizes for two lucky readers! So a big thank you to Axon Optics especially Virginia the community leader and manager over at Axon! I have one pair of outdoor tint cat eye sunglasses for the ladies shown below:


And one pair of OverRX for the men with outdoor tint shown below:


All you need to do to enter is email a paragraph or two along with a picture of yourself to me that I can publish on my blog at the email below. The writing should be about your story a brief summary, maybe how chronic migraines or a similar headache disorder such as Cluster Headache have plagued your life recently and how the glasses might help you lead a more productive off the couch, out of…

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One response to “Migraine Awareness Month Glasses Contest!

  1. Thanks very much for reblogging this I hope some of your followers will join in telling their story for a chance to win! You can also enter by FB message same requeiorements a photo and your story of headache disorder in 2 paragraphs at: http://www.facebook.com/migrainesdiscussions

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