Ishrat Fazal – Disaiblity Advocate & President of DEVELOPMENT OF DISABLED WOMEN ORGANIZATION in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

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Ishrat Fazal          Ishrat Fazal

Ishrat is an amazing advocate for people with disabilities she strives for positive and inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities in her country, please read her amazing story below.

Ishrat’s Story 

Today I want to share my personal experience with you because my heart pushes me to do so; you will get insight and know how my heart is for this call and its respond. I was effected polio when I was just three years old.

Then my poor parents admitted me in the school and used to take me on their shoulders to drop at school with great difficulty attempted F.A Intermediate.

Then I started to prayed that in my area and country’s all disabled men and women, girls and boys, kids are just ignored, our culture consider my type of kid as curse of God to any family who has such…

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