Symptoms endured with grace by Clarissa Shepherd

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Symptoms endured with grace

It seems that whether you have ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia that the symptoms are numerous. So numerous, in fact, that when we are asked to name them, we can’t remember them all. We , of course , have lots of pain, muscle weakness , muscle spasms, etc.

Many people think that this is all . Wow, if it were all, we would have it made. We then add in the memory loss, speech problems, acid reflux, IBS and the many other stomach issues. Then there’s, vertigo, off balance, dizziness, vision problems, itching and burning skin, yeast in various places, sleep disturbances of various kinds, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes, heart palpitations, brain fog, sensitivity to smells, chemicals, medications, noise, light, extreme heat and cold and sheer exhaustion beyond words. Oh and lets not forget, anxiety , depression, fearfulness and panic.

My point is that of all…

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