What percentage of teens suffers a mental disorder?

My daughter (21 yrs old–Sr in college) and son (14 and entering High school in Fall 2014) have battled depression and it runs rampantly through all 4 sides of our family. This is REAL and must be noticed and addressed by parents, teachers, coaches, choir directors, band directors, and all others who impact the teen in question AND all other children in the family. It takes a village to raise children and best advice comes from those who have been there and done that. I learned the most from listening to my kids with an open mind. Telling them its ok to cuss, yell or do anything to express themselves. Hiding takes energy. Stop wasting energy on hiding and just be yourself and know we are proud of you and LOVE you no matter what you choose for your life. These teens are baby adults in great need of confidence to become successful adults. Parents are the first cheerleaders every kid/teen needs.


multicultural friends
Brightly smiling teens, each representing a different cultural heritage and gender, link arms, so happy to be friends; so happy to be alive, in high school, in America. There are no issues here and the future is so bright they need sunglasses. None of them has an issue with a broken home, substance abuse in the family, STI/STD, are LGBTQ or are in foster care or homeless, exposed to gang violence, live in poverty, abuse drugs or alcohol, or suffer any mental, behavioral or physical health issues. (And their jeans are freshly washed and pressed; they brushed their teeth twice today and ate the requisite amount of fruits and vegetables, and got 8 hours of quality sleep! Their grades are stellar.) If this represents you or yours, be thankful. We cannot judge what is going on ‘inside’ by outward appearances.

By the numbers, there is a different story nationally, and…

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