At the top of the mountain ~ #NextGenPT2014

A Cup A Day

This past weekend I traveled back to my physical therapy roots in Washington, DC. PTs and educators from across the country gathered at my alma mater for an incredible inaugural conference:

eventThere is always such energy surrounding conferences like this as you meet and share ideas with individuals from across the country. It was incredible to be surrounded by so many  innovative giants in my field and I was absolutely humbled to be included on the docket of speakers. In fact, this is the first official conference I have attended as a full blown physical therapist:

Dr.Romagnoli, PT,DPT,SPT Did you know you could be a DPT & an SPT ? Well, I guess we are all lifelong learners!

Over two days, we listened to pioneers of innovation from hospitals and universities across the country, discussed the barriers to growth and change, and The-Popeye-myth-New-findings-suggest-how-spinach-increases-muscle-powerbrainstormed how we can work together as a profession to tackle these obstacles…

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