Being the change I want to see.

Anchored Conversations

What happens to our humanity if we switch off to the needs of those around us?

I’ve worked as a travelling roadshow salesman of causes for over a decade. In that time I’m guessing I’ve spoken to in excess of 100,000 people in community groups, churches, and schools across Victoria and Tasmania. I speak about issues that relate to us all, about our shared humanity in our global world.

I sell ideas of a better world. I wake people from the slumber of ignorance, indifference and mediocrity. I’m an advocate for those who have no voice, those who can’t be heard, of those we don’t want to hear about.

I connect people with meaning. I seek to be an authentic voice of purpose. I give people a grip on reality and handles of hope for a better tomorrow. I invite people to action. I encourage people towards a wholistic spirituality…

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