Media Partner #29: Sarah Levis, Haliburton, Ontario

Disability Visibility Project

Please welcome Sarah Levis, our 29th media partner!

Photo of a white woman with shoulder length brown hair. She is looking sideways and wearing an orange t-shirt.

A writer, advocate, activist and educator, Sarah draws on 20 years of combined volunteer and work experience with people with disabilities to pursue two passions: writing and working toward a society where all people feel safe, welcome, and empowered to participate fully and meaningfully in their schools, workplaces and communities.

Sarah’s involvement with the disability community as front-line worker, friend, and person living with both visible and invisible disabilities gives her a unique perspective from which to comment on disability-related issues and to teach others about the realities of living in society as a person with a disability. She uses her award-winning blog, “Girl With The Cane,” to talk about disability-related issues, and has written for several online and print publications, including “Disability Horizons,” “Ollibean,” “Abilities” magazine and the Accessible Clean Taxis Coalition website

Girl with the Cane…

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